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Our company is a professional company engaged in production and sales of orthopedic implants and instruments. The company was established in 2009. Our company is a professional platform company that provides customers with procurement – distribution – installation guidance – after sales. We have more than 30 Chinese factories. Each product of ours at least have 2 years warranty. You can rest assured about our quality and service!

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An unmatched level of quality and serviceWe provide professional customized services for groups and individualsWe optimize our service by nsuring the lowest price.

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  • 01
    Which type of heel fracture must be implanted for internal fixation?

    Which type of hee...

    The answer to this question is that no heel fracture necessitates bone grafting when doing internal fixatio...

    Dec 07-Dec View more
  • 02
    Anterior screw fixation for odontoid fracture

    Anterior screw fi...

    Anterior screw fixation of the odontoid process preserves the rotational function of C1-2 and has been repo...

    Dec 07-Dec View more
  • 03
    How to avoid the ‘in-out-in’ placement of femoral neck screws during surgery?

    How to avoid the ...

    “For non-elderly femoral neck fractures, the most commonly used internal fixation method is the ̵...

    Nov 23-Nov View more
  • 04
    Anterior Clavicle Revealing Path

    Anterior Clavicle...

    · Applied Anatomy The entire length of the clavicle is subcutaneous and easy to visualize. The medial end o...

    Nov 21-Nov View more