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Our company is a professional company engaged in production and sales of orthopedic implants and instruments. The company was established in 2009. Our company is a professional platform company that provides customers with procurement – distribution – installation guidance – after sales. We have more than 30 Chinese factories. Each product of ours at least have 2 years warranty. You can rest assured about our quality and service!

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An unmatched level of quality and serviceWe provide professional customized services for groups and individualsWe optimize our service by nsuring the lowest price.

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  • 01
    Surgical approach for exposing the posterior column of the tibia plateau

    Surgical approach...

    “Repositioning and fixation of fractures involving the posterior column of the tibial plateau are cli...

    Sep 25-Sep View more
  • 02
    Application Skills And Key Points of Locking Plates(Part 1)

    Application Skill...

    A locking plate is a fracture fixation device with a threaded hole. When a screw with a threaded head is sc...

    Sep 25-Sep View more
  • 03
    Arc center distance:Image parameters for evaluating the displacement of Barton’s fracture on the palmar side

    Arc center distan...

    The most commonly used imaging parameters for evaluating distal radius fractures typically include volar ti...

    Sep 18-Sep View more
  • 04
    Understanding Intramedullary Nails

    Understanding Int...

    Intramedullary nailing technology is a commonly used orthopedic internal fixation method. Its history can b...

    Sep 16-Sep View more