Medic power system

  • Multifunctional Handpiece Bone Drill

    Multifunctional Handpiece Bone Drill

    Product OverView The intervertebral cage (Cage) has the functions of maintaining the height of the vertebral body, enhancing the local stability, and improving the fusion rate. At the same time, due to its low notch, it can significantly reduce postoperative foreign body sensation in the pharynx and dysphagia. Bone extraction device can achieve minimally invasive bone extraction. The intervertebral cage is composed of a titanium cage made of titanium alloy and a cage made of PEEK. The cages a...
  • Plaster Saw

    Plaster Saw

    Product OverView Powerful, fast cutting, safe and reliable, low noise Product Parameters Order code Power voltage Speed PSN4041 110V 0-13000cpm PSN4042 220V 0-13000cpm   Product Name Diameter Blade Φ64 Φ52 Φ43
  • Medical power bone electric drill with battery

    Medical power bone electric drill with battery

    Product OverView This series of electric drills include, fast electric drill, medium speed electric drill, slow torque electric drill,hollow drill, and sagittal saw. Available in black and brown. The machine adopts advanced brushless motor technology to provide super power and stability. The full range of electric drills are designed to be hollow for convenient clinical use. Powered by high-capacity lithium battery. It provides powerful power for surgery and prolongs the load time of surgery...
  • Wholesale Saw Blade Orthopedic accessories
  • Brushless Motor Orthopedic Drill Medium Speed Canulate Drill

    Brushless Motor Orthopedic Drill Medium Speed Canulate Drill

    Product OverView This Medium Speed canulate drill is suitable for limb trauma surgery. Available in black and brown. This series adopts the most advanced brushless motor technology and provides ultra-powerful energy and stability. The full range of drilling tools can be hollow to provide convenient clinical usage. The lithium battery drive with large-capacity provides enough power and extended surgical load time for surgery. The design of small ergonomic shape gives the user a comfortabl...
  • Brushless Motor Orthopedic Drill High-speed Canulate Drill